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    Container Field (External Secure) Not Showing Contents for Other User


      FileMaker 12.0 v3 (Pro, Adv, Server), server-hosted file.


      A container field that one user populates can't be seen by another user. They see "The file cannot be found" and the name of the file. I have tried switching it to External Open as well. Same results.


      If the [Full Access] account puts a file in the container, others can see it. When an account from a different privilege set puts a file in the container, nobody else can see it. This is the case even if all settings in both privilege sets for the table containing the field are set to "Yes".


      I have tried creating a completely new table with a completely new container field with no privilege set restrictions and the same thing happens.


      Not sure if this matters: This is in an Active Directory environment with external authentication.


      Anyone have any suggestions what to try next?