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    Help! Database sharing on net with ipad/iphone.


      A couple of questions guy's


      1. I keep getting this message appear what does this mean how can I clear it?


      "FileMaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using FileMaker Pro on this computer"


      2. I have created a database for descktop/ipad/iphone, and have installed the server software. But I can't seem to make hean nor tail of this? How do I access my database on my ipad across the nett?


      It does not seem to download any data through the Filemaker Go?


      Can anyone point me in the right direction please

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          It sounds like you are running FMS Server on the same computer as FileMaker Pro. Only one program can share the data bases and FMS takes precedence.  So FileMaker Pro is telling you it can't share because FMS is.


          You should run the FMS console and upload the database to the Server.  Then FM Go and FileMaker Pro should be able to access the database on the server.



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            Hi Bruce


            Thank you for that.


            So on that basis do I remove the Filemaker 12 software off my macbook pro and just run the FMS?


            I've designed my database on my macbook pro and want to be able to update it with the macbook, Does this still allow me to update and re-design the database on my macbook pro?


            And can I then access the data base on my ipad/iphone seperately?


            Thanks for your help

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              You don't have to remove FileMaker.  You can't share databases from both FIleMaker Pro and FileMaker Server at the same time.  Best practice is to put FileMaker server on a seperate computer.  I use a Mac Mini a development server.  I then access all of the databases on the server from my MacBook Pro.


              FileMaker Pro or Pro Advanced will do all of your development.  FileMaker Server just makes the databaes available and can back them up.  For databases that are being actively developed,  I back them up hourly.  Everything else is backed up daily.


              You iPad and iPhone should be able to access the databases on the server.  You may have to provide the IP address of the server to FM Go.  Usually it will find a server on the local network.


              In my case all of this is in the office only.  I don't let anything out in the wild internet access my FMS server.  You can,  I just don't.  For clients that need internet access I have used professional hosting services.  There are several good ones available.