Online / Offline operation

Discussion created by kaiviti on Nov 6, 2013
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Hi All,


I am developing several applications that will need to be used by multiple people in both an online and offline scenario. For example, one person may be updating some data in a particular record, or several records, while he is online and then shortly after, or even during, he loses internet connection. He will still need to have access to that data and to be able to continue manipulating the program while he is offline. Then, when back online, he needs to have any changes made uploaded to the server so that all other users can see any changes. He can be in and out of internet range within a few hours. I would really prefer to keep this as seamless as posible because some of the clients are not really computer savvy and having then do manual syncs is just out of the question.


Anyone got any ideas on the best way to approach this problem?