FMP in web-based community consultation

Discussion created by pantarhei on Nov 7, 2013
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I may need to facilitiate community consultation & feedback in an urban design project. There’d need to be general feedback and also feedback on specific proposals (up to hundreds), which would be described in the database.



I have no prior experience (except a couple of small tests) in using FMP as a web-based system, but I've been a user and occasional developer for some 20 years.



Would it be feasible and possible for me to create a rather simple, mainly free-form text, feedback system that anyone could use?



One of the issues is preventing ”intenet forum” -style nonsense and arguments while also avoiding the need of constant monitoring and censorship. What I have in mind is this:



A feedback form that can be created with Guest access but is inaccessible until approved by a ”moderator”, then becomes visible to everyone but is not editable.



Another important issue is user interface and need of instructions. Assuming quite ordinary people who surf the web, use email and access their banks, would they be able to use the database with minimal on-screen guidance?



I’d use probably use my existing FMP 11 since this is an almost pro-bono job; any fee is likely go to hosting the database…



Any thoughts are most welcome!