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      Just wondering if anyone has done any work integrating with Adobe EchoSign?


      I have successfully used the test functions in the WSDL using the BeezWax Web Services plugin but the 'real' functions fail. I suspect the WSDL, and may look at either building the xml myself or, if the cliebt has the budget, getting John Renfrew and ScriptMaster involved, but before I go to far I would appreciate anyone's experiences they are prepared to share





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          From what I can see on the web, the developer account only allows access to test.  What was the error you're getting back?


          I'd say if the test environment works with that plugin, then the real one should as well, there must be some other setup issue.




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            Hi Nick,


            Thanks for replying.


            I have uploaded a document using their 'manual' process, so unlikely to be an issue with the developer account.


            I agree on your suggestion that if it works with a test function thenthe reals ones should too!


            The response from their support team was


            The one thing I noticed is you do not have any namespaces enabled. This is what our system looks for and uses to translate the XML code.


            Presumeably the test functions would need the namespaces too?


            Thanks Nick