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    FileMaker 12 Container Field Issue - Secure Storage


      Hello all -


      I ran into an issue with FileMaker 12...


      I have a container field that stores data (PDFs and images) that I changed the storage type to external secure from internal. When I view the data in FileMaker Pro, locally (no host), the data in the container fields is accessible and exports occur with no issue. If the same file is hosted (FileMaker Server 12) when I access the container fields to try and export the data, then I get an error that I'm unable to export the contents of the field. In both cases the files and relative paths were not moved at all.


      To fix this issue, I turned off the external storage to bring all the data back in to the container fields, hosted the file, then turned the external storage back on. This method allowed me to view the data while it was being hosted.


      Has anyone ran in to this issue? Is this a bug, or was it intended to work this way?

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          Its intended behavior, not a bug. Basically to FMS a changed file path is the same as a tampered file and external storage requires the files be ‘untouchable’.


          Its a common problem when manually moving local files to a FMS hosted system. When you move the files from your hard drive to the FMS hard drive the absolute path to the files changes. FMS no longer has the current location information to the files. It can find them based on the relative path, so you ‘might' see them, but not using the full path, which appears to be required to export and properly view the files.


          I recommend using the Admin Console File Upload command. This allows FMS to reinterpret the file paths according to the new location on the FMS hard drive.


          Or use the method you found works.

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            Thanks for the response.


            Here is the catch - I didn't move any files. The files were in the same location when I opened them up without FMS hosting the files as they were when I had FMS hosting the files. No data was moved.

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              FMS can only store external files within the FileMaker directory while FMP can store them anywhere.

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                Thanks for the response. I'm not sure I follow you here...


                The FM12 help describes the storage as:


                Secure Storage (the default)

                Encrypt the data, making it readable only by FileMaker Pro. FileMaker Pro creates a “Secure” subdirectory in the base directory and randomly distributes the files across subdirectories, and creates new subdirectories as needed.


                My data files are stored on a different drive than the one FMS12 is installed on. The secure data is exported and stored relative to the location of the hosted data files.

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                  ch0c0halic was absolutely correct.  This is a complaint I have with FMS.  FMS will only allow externally stored files that are within the same directory of the database itself.  If you want to transfer databases and externally stored files from Pro to Server, you should use the upload assistant in the Admin console.  I have many TBs of data that I store externally.  As a result, I use the "Additional Database Folders" feature to keep both the externally stored data and my FileMaker databases on multiple thunderbolt connected RAID arrays.


                  I hope that helps.

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                    Thanks Eric,


                    I think I'm not communicating this well - the files never moved from the specified additional databases folder when I opened them up locally (with the FMS services off).


                    Without moving the files, and FMP shut down, I turned the services on, then found that the data in the container fields was inaccessible.

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                      Actually your doing fine. The failure to communicate is on my side.


                      When you exported the container contents using FMP it stored the files on-disk in a location the currently logged in user can write to. The permissions of that user would have been used to save the files. So the files would have been accessible only by the currently logged in user. They may also have been stored in a location FMS does not have access to. FMS can ONLY access files in its folder structure and only in specific locations within that structure for external images. So both the how and the where may have been invalid for FMS access.




                      FMS has its own ‘user' account. It does not use the current user’s credentials for anything as there may not be a logged in user. So when FMS attempts to read the files it may not be allowed to by the OS access privileges.