FileMaker 12 Container Field Issue - Secure Storage

Discussion created by ctlpsbcne on Nov 7, 2013
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Hello all -


I ran into an issue with FileMaker 12...


I have a container field that stores data (PDFs and images) that I changed the storage type to external secure from internal. When I view the data in FileMaker Pro, locally (no host), the data in the container fields is accessible and exports occur with no issue. If the same file is hosted (FileMaker Server 12) when I access the container fields to try and export the data, then I get an error that I'm unable to export the contents of the field. In both cases the files and relative paths were not moved at all.


To fix this issue, I turned off the external storage to bring all the data back in to the container fields, hosted the file, then turned the external storage back on. This method allowed me to view the data while it was being hosted.


Has anyone ran in to this issue? Is this a bug, or was it intended to work this way?