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Google Mail Ignores "From" Email Address

Question asked by GordonShewach on Nov 7, 2013
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Using FMP's built-in Send Mail script step or the SMTPit plug-in, when the SMTP server is, emails are always sent with the Authentication User Name as the "From" email address (see attached graphic). Google gets the Reply To Email Address right, but the same data in the Email Address "From" field gets ignored in favor of the authenticating user.


I have lots of clients emailing from FMP with lots of different email providers. But is the only one I have that gets this wrong.


As a workaround, I've recommended to my client an inexpensive email only hosting plan ($50/year including a domain name) with a non-Google email provider, and I've explained to her that short of "exposing headers" the email recipient will never know that the email didn't go through Google's SMTP server.


Anyone else run into this problem and have any ideas on workarounds? Thanks!


Gordon Shewach

Desktop Services

Ann Arbor, MI