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    Hosting Service


      Hi! I am new here. I've been using Filemaker for 3 years now and just added on a partner...I want to host my filemaker solution for the two of us (he just bought filemaker 12 too) and do remote access...and also instant web publishing....my database is pretty small...just a sales/marketing database that is about 8MB in size.


      I signed up with WorldCloud, but I find it very strange they have an answering service and its been 2 days now and no set-up of my account. The guy was great over the phone answering my sales questions last week and this earlier this week giving me ample time, but now that I signed up they seemed to have disappeared the last 2 days. No response via email and also no return calls. I thought setting me up on a server would take a few minutes not 2+ days? And now when I called their main number, the answering service says they have no record of them! I read tons of comments here and elsewhere and see lots of negative feedback so now I'm searching again.


      Anyway, was wondering who would be good to use for a simple hosting service for our filemaker 12 database...as I said we are 2 people, hosting 1 8MB filemaker 12 files...and perhaps a couple of my nieces may help update some data using IWP (Instant Web Publishing). Not looking to pay a lot of money, but want a legitimte firm. Outside of backups and a decent connection speed, I think I'm a super simple customer.


      I see a few people recommended Point-In-Space and they are $29 per month. And I see a few people liked Triple 8 and they are $20 per month. Foxtail I did not see anything with IWP? Datatrium is $39 per month. Longterm Solutions is $35 to $40 per month. And Productive Compuing is $50 per month for business (how do they know its business not personal?).


      Anyway, how do I pick? Obviously my first choice, WorldCloud is now scaring me. Any suggestions here?


      Thanks -



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          Triple8 has a free trial, and doesn't require someone to manually configure your account. Joe at worldcloud is a nice guy, but I'm not sure what sort of staffing he has in place for support yet.


          The other options are all valid, Productive Computing is certainly a reliable name that's been around Filemaker for years. I have not used products from the other people on the list.

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            We get accounts setup within 24 hours, usually within an hour or two.  Our support turnaround is very quick as well, as our clients will attest to.  We also offer a 30 day trial with all of our hosting accounts, so giving us a try is a risk-free proposition.



            We've been providing professional FileMaker Hosting services for almost 15 years now, and pride ourselves in providing a higher level of service associated with FileMaker hosting.



            Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions either here or off-list to jmay(at)pointinspace.com.  Thanks!



                 John May


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              +1  !

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                Hi S. Boyland,


                I have been using PointInSpace for hosting client databases for over a year now. One client has 30-40 concurrent IWP sessions.

                John is wonderful to deal with and have NEVER had a problem with his servers, service or bandwidth.



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                  I heard back from WorldCloud and can now log in and use my account but I am hesitant due to the issues I mentionned above.  


                  I guess I'm wondering if anyone here has experience with how much downtime WorldCloud has?   And how reliable they are.   That is really important.   I don't want myself and my partner to not be able to connect to network and then no return call for 2 days.  And just an answering service that comes across a little sketchy to me.   Their training videos online were very helpful to prepare my database.  And it's only $12 a month or $19 with IWP.


                  More importantly than the price is the reliablility.   And I'm hearing good things about Point-In-Space for the most part.


                  Any more feedback on Joe King and WorldCloud's downtime vs Point-In-Space and reliabliity overall?  I imagne for a simple database with 2,000 records but all data (no graphics) both would be fast enough.  I live in NYC.   Thanks all-

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                    I use FoxTailTech.com 877-612-9320.


                    I tested Worldcloud from NY against FoxTail (this was a couple years back) and Foxtail for me was faster. Foxtail had an east and west coast location where Worldcloud was sending the data to Chicago which might have accounted for the speed difference.



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                      WorldCloud personally have driven me nuts, but the clients I have still keep them because of the price.

                      Their support and website has changed a lot in just the past couple of years that it makes my head spin.


                      I have not had a problem in a few months, so I'm thinking things are starting to settle down with them.  There are several ways to contact them.  By phone, by the Chat on their website, and their help tickets.

                      Lately they have been fairly responsive to all those methods.  In the beginning, not so much.


                      Worldcloud is a bit slow for me, too.

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                        our choice is NIMBUS hosting - we upgraded from worldcloud to Nimbus - since then zero downtime - no need of support tickets - no unanswered calls - no files down  ...

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                          I live in New York (Manhattan).

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                            I received a lot of responses and private messages.   Thank you all for sharing with me.   I should have come here first before beginning my investigation, but its early on.    I signed up with PointInSpace and it's simple, fast and John May has been excellent.   I will cancel my subscription to WorldCloud.   I must say Joe did give me 30 minutes on the phone twice, but it was overkill and once I signed up I heard nothing and it took a few days.    John May signed me up in 20 minutes.


                            I am and was most concerend about downtime and then speed and then service for the 2-3 emergencies or questions I may have per year.    John and others said all servers go down and I've seen that (websites).   But most of the time he warns us with a message and its up a few minutes later and this happens a few times per year.   Well it happened on Day 2 and let me tell you.  I got a message as he said.  Watched it go down.   I came back 10 minutes later and everything worked perfectly.


                            John really sets expectations from what I've read here and elsewhere.   I can deal with downtime like this!   I reallly feel like I made a good choice when it comes to my 3 main issues.   The speed is great too.  Everything just works.  


                            Thanks all so much.   Be back to report more in a few months I'm sure.   This board is great!  I'll be back before that just to read..hope to contribute when I have something valuable.