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Question asked by sboyland on Nov 8, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2013 by sboyland

Hi! I am new here. I've been using Filemaker for 3 years now and just added on a partner...I want to host my filemaker solution for the two of us (he just bought filemaker 12 too) and do remote access...and also instant web database is pretty small...just a sales/marketing database that is about 8MB in size.


I signed up with WorldCloud, but I find it very strange they have an answering service and its been 2 days now and no set-up of my account. The guy was great over the phone answering my sales questions last week and this earlier this week giving me ample time, but now that I signed up they seemed to have disappeared the last 2 days. No response via email and also no return calls. I thought setting me up on a server would take a few minutes not 2+ days? And now when I called their main number, the answering service says they have no record of them! I read tons of comments here and elsewhere and see lots of negative feedback so now I'm searching again.


Anyway, was wondering who would be good to use for a simple hosting service for our filemaker 12 I said we are 2 people, hosting 1 8MB filemaker 12 files...and perhaps a couple of my nieces may help update some data using IWP (Instant Web Publishing). Not looking to pay a lot of money, but want a legitimte firm. Outside of backups and a decent connection speed, I think I'm a super simple customer.


I see a few people recommended Point-In-Space and they are $29 per month. And I see a few people liked Triple 8 and they are $20 per month. Foxtail I did not see anything with IWP? Datatrium is $39 per month. Longterm Solutions is $35 to $40 per month. And Productive Compuing is $50 per month for business (how do they know its business not personal?).


Anyway, how do I pick? Obviously my first choice, WorldCloud is now scaring me. Any suggestions here?


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