Passing Variable data from 1 DB to another

Discussion created by kojmichael on Nov 8, 2013
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Table: Invoices

Set Variable [$$CID; Value;Invoices::CustomerID]

Set Variable [$$CName; Value;Invoices::CustomerName]


Need the value of Invoices::CustomerID and Invoices::CustomerName sent to External 2nd FMDB


Tried using the following in the called script that exist in the 2nd DB

Table: Events

Set Field [Events::RegID; $$CID]

Set Field [Events::RegName; $$CName]


When I try this the data in the fields RegID and RegName are empty

I even tried to do:

Set Variable [$var1; Value:$$CID]

Set Variable [$var2; Value:$$CName]

In the script performing the write


And yes there is a Commit following the set field.