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Layout keeps losing it's link to table

Question asked by donnyl on Nov 8, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2013 by gdurniak

Got a strange one here on v.12. Have a simple form view layout that keeps losing it's link to its table which in turn, every field displays the "<Unrelated Table>" message (see attachment). I can reset the table to the layout ok but as soon as I switch to another layout and then come back to this form layout, it will have lost its connection to the table again.


Things I've tried:


1. Recover - had no effect

2. Restored file from backup (last known "pre-issue" one) - this worked fine at first but after using the database for about an hour, the error happened again..

3. Created a new form layout from scratch (not duplicating) - this worked fine at first but once the layout was populated with all the pertinent fields, the error started up again.


Platform - Mac OS 10.7.5, FMS 12.0.4, FMPA 12.0v5