Send email script step trouble in iOS

Discussion created by RafaelCaballe on Nov 11, 2013
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I am trying to get running the following script:



Set Variable [$DesktopPath; Value:Get(DesktopPath)]

Set Variable [$Platform; Value:Get(SystemPlatform) //1: Mac | -2 Win | 3 iOS]


If [DOCUMENTO::Anexo = "" //no hay documento anexo]

Show Custom Dialog ["Mensaje de iGetPro"; "Lo siento pero no hay ningún documento anexado."]

Go to Object [Object Name: : "MenuEscogerAccionDocumentoOff"]

Exit Script []


If [$Platorm =-2]

Set Variable [$FilePath; Value:"filewin:"& $DesktopPath &DOCUMENTO::Anexo]

Else If [$Platform=1]

Set Variable [$FilePath; Value:"filemac:"& $DesktopPath &DOCUMENTO::Anexo]


Set Variable [$FilePath; Value:"file:"&$DesktopPath &DOCUMENTO::Anexo]

End If

Export Field Contents [DOCUMENTO::Anexo; "$FilePath"]

End If


Send Mail [Send via E-mail Client; "$FilePath"]



The purpose is simple: prepare an email with the content of the field DOCUMENTO::Anexo as an attachement. It works well in OSX but in iOS It does not attach the file.