Parsing Section-Township-Range — Part 2

Discussion created by bawilliamson on Nov 11, 2013
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I have now successfully parsed the Section Number, Township Number, Township Direction, Range Number & Range Direction into five separate fields. Thanks for the help! Now I am trying to finish the job.


In front of each Section, Township & Range listing in each record there are other "words" such as:


SE/4 & SE/4 NE/4

SW/4 NW/4 & NW/4 SW/4

E/2 E/2 NE/4

W/2NE/4 & W/2E/2NE/4


I could just highlight this data in each record and use a script that copies what I've highlighted and automatically pastes that data into another field. This shouldn't take more than an hour or so.


But I am wondering if there is another, less time-consuming way to look at this task. I've tried LeftWords and RightWords to no avail. I think the sticking point is the wide variety and number of "words" that I'm dealing with. Basically I just want to return a text result that ignores the one consistent Section-Township-Range "word" that is present on the right side of each entry (e.g., 5-15N-18E) in each record and returns everything else to the left of that "word" in that field, no matter how that other data is formatted or how many words it contains.


This is a one-time task for the 750 records, since new legal information will be input in a different way. But I am always wanting to learn new ways of thinking about these kinds of problems in Filemaker.