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need advice; regarding flagged record badgecount

Question asked by inalaop on Nov 11, 2013
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I made a 'reminder' flag system; for an individual record I can set a future 'reminder date'. When that date is overdue (less then today's date), I have a script (zReminderAllert) that sets a text of "RA" on a record to flag it as a reminder allert. I use this in list view (as seen). At the top header I have a 'Reminder Allerts' box and what I want is an updated total of ALL reminders in the whole database (whether or not all records are shown or there is a smaller found set). My system works great except for one thing; as soon as I do a search for some record or records, and the found set changes, the Reminder total (badgecount) changes. This would be expected from how I set this up since I am using a field summary function to total these. However I want to keep this value from changing when the found set changes (I do want it to update if I clear or delete a reminder date). For example, the #2 badgecount you see is the total reminder allerts for the total database. If I search for a record and there is one in the found set, the total changes to zero.

I am probably not setting this up right. Is there a simple fix to this? I would prefer not to have to set up a self-join or complicated filtered relationship for this to work. Do I need some type of global setting ?


Any advice would be appreciated.


Here are my fields, and some pictures if they show up:



reminder date input field


zReminderAllert [calc; unstored]

Case (

not IsEmpty (zReminderDate) and zReminderDate ≤ Get(CurrentDate); "RA"; not IsEmpty (zReminderDate) and zReminderDate ≥ Get(CurrentDate); "*"




Case (

not IsEmpty (zReminderDate) and zReminderDate ≤ Get(CurrentDate); 1; 0



zReminderTotalBadgeCount (summary)