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    Cannot view filemaker on remote desktop


      When opening Filemaker on my remote desk top. It show's in the status bar that it's running, but I cant view. ?

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          Well, there is not enough info to really answer, but I'll take a stab on one problem I have had similar to your description.  I use Macs mostly and take over screens remotely that may be running FileMaker.  One thing that the Apple Screen.app sometimes doesn't do is refresh the title bar.  So I have to click into Finder and then back to FileMaker to get the FileMaker screen bar to show back up under screen sharing. 


          Tell us more about what is going on.  What operating system on your machine and the one on the remote desktop.  What type of remote sharing (VNC, RDC, etc).  What version of FileMaker, etc.

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            Using Filemaker Server 11 on a windows server 2008 rd2 .

            The database is using Filemaker Pro11. No matter what work station I use . When logging on the remote connection,

            The result is the same. When I open File Maker it show's up on the task bar , but not the desk top. I cannot view the database. When I go to the task manager it shows file maker running.

            When I login as a diffrent user name it works fine. It's just the one user.

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              Ahhh, it sounds like a corrupt user account that is disagreeing with FileMaker.  Sometimes doing a reinstall fixes it.  I've also removed a user and added them back in (of course backing up all user data first).  I would first just try reinstalling FileMaker and see if that does it.  By the way, I assume another User Account wasn't using the same FileMaker application at the same time (in other words, it isn't a licensing conflict). 


              In an ideal world, you actually won't run an application on a server.  You would run the application on a client machine that connects to the server.  There are a exceptions to this rule, but I would not have a regular every day user running the application on a server machine.


              And are you thinking about upgrades?  13 is almost here.  Just something to think about not staying with too old of software if nothing else for security. 

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                Taylor your the man!


                Reinstalled the user on the server. Works Fine.