Converting Mac Run-time files v11 to v12 for Mavericks

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Nov 11, 2013
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Hello all,


I have a client who has a bound solution, wirtten in v11.

Now that Mavericks has no support for v11, the solution needs to be upgraded to v12.

That's the easy part... the difficulty is that this solution in version 11 uses "Save a copy as Compressed copy" to perform it's backups.

So, if we convert the solution to v12, the files saved using v11 will not be recognised, therefore, all the backup files can not be "restored".


Is there a way around this, given that none of the users have FileMaker Pro?

The 'stand-alone' converter is not really an option, because it needs to be for the absolute novice and it needs to be done either on all files, or as they are "restore" the file.


Something that came to mind is to provide an on line service, whereby a user can uplaod the file to a Mac server, it automatically converts the file to v12 then provides them with the new v12 file.

Not sure if this is quite the most speedy. I was also thinking that perhaps someone out there can provide an AppleScript "app" that would convert the files for users - this could be performed when the file is "restored" in the FileMaker solution... any suggestions?


If anyone out there is willing to provide a simple solution - please let me know how much it would cost.


Would be nice if any FileMaker representative out ther could offer another solution to this...