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    Calculation help needed


      Hi all


      Okay so i have the following fields


      MANUFACTURER Part Number (a text field e.g. A9B000101111)

      Exchange Date (a date field e.g. 01/01/2013)

      Qty (a number field e.g. 6)

      Indicative Price Range £ (a text field e.g. £100)


      Qty Sum (a summary field: Total of Qty) (so for a particular Manufacturer Part Number it totals all the Qty used over all Exchange Dates)

      Qty Sum Summary (a calculation field: Get Summary (Qty Sum; Manufacturer Part Number)


      Total Part Usage Expenditure (Calculation field: =Indicative Price Range £ * Qty Sum Summary)



      I have a subsummary report by MANUFACTURER Part Number.


      On the report i have the follpwing fields horizontally across the report layout (NB / separates field name ends):


      Manufacturer Part Number / Qty Sum / Indicative Price Range £ / Total Part Usage Expenditure


      This all work fine- for the part example given- the Total Part Usage Expenditure is 6 * £100 = £600



      Now what i want to do is in the header section above the sub-summary report show the overall expenditure (ie. the total of the Total Part Usage Expenditure field)



      Please can someone advise me what the field called Overall Expenditure should consist of in order to show me the total of the Total Part Usage expenditure for all the MANUFACTURER Part Numbers in the subsummary report??





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          Hello, Danielle, a summary field in a sub-summary part will use the records in the grouped (by sort). The SAME field in a header/footer or one of the Grand Summary parts will show the results for the entire found set.


          Yes! the same summary field. Try it and see what you get when placing the same field into different parts of a layout.