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    Survey use-cases


      Has anyone created a solution:


      • where an iPad is mounted on a stand so that customers passing by can quickly answer a few questions?
      • where iPhones and iPads are used to get immediate feedback from people in a group setting and their feedback is displayed on a display or projection for everyone to see?
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          Putting iPads out publicly always invites security issues of them getting stolen.  The situations I have done are where a Surveyor gives a client an iPad to answer questions while in the presence of the Surveyor. 


          iPads work great with AirPlay.  Just get an AppleTV ($99) and you can show your iPad up on a TV connected to the AppleTV.  Works great.  But if you want to get complicated, I have done web services where FileMaker sent an RSS feed to a big sign on the side of a building to display information from the database.  But I don't think that is what you are looking for. Remember that the AirPlay just duplicates what is on your iPad's screen.  Your situatoin may want a separate device feeding the screen with results coming from multiple iPads or something like that.  There are all kinds of things you can do with some creativity. 

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            Not exactly the same, but Tim Cimbura (wish there was a way to "tag" people here, like on Facebook) made a solution for the MN State Fair's animal judging. Here's a link talking about the solution:



            Pretty cool stuff. And this was 2 years ago, with FM 11 and the original FMGo.


            Like I said, not exactly the same use case, but I can see it being a similar setup. Your survey participants are the "judges" in this case.




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              I did a lot of research for securely mounting iPads and also on plugin alarms systems.


              Frankly there are many fewer solutions than I expected and most of them rely on someone being close.

              All of the manufacturers who I approached were happy to consider custom jobs.


              I am doing a quote at the moment for a community access project. My numbers say it is cheaper to replace the stolen ones... depending on the honesty level in the community. Small towns are pretty safe unless someone has a grudge :-)