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    HELP updated and now scripts don't work


      I just updated my FM Pro 12 and now the scripts I had been working on yesterday and got running correctly do not work.


      I wrote scripts so that when a radial dial selection was made, it would highlight the record.

      If (PHONE LOG::Completed = "Completed" ; PHONE LOG::background )

      which filled it gray

      and then I had a separate one for another selection which highlighted the record yellow.


      I'm thinking it is the update that somehow changed my script. However, my computer had frozen and I had to reboot.

      Once in again after the update, the highlighting script does not work.


      I tried deleting them. Quitting the program, re-entering the program and re-entering the scripts, but no luck.


      Anyone else experiencing this or have any suggestions on how to remedy it.


      I had just got them working yesterday afternoon and am beyond bummed that they aren't working now.