Trouble with PHP Connection..??

Discussion created by angelleye on Nov 12, 2013
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For some reason I'm getting a Communication Error (22) from FileMaker when connecting to it from a PHP script via the PHP API. The error states that "This can be due to an invalid username or password, or if the FMPHP privilege is not enabled for that user", however, I've ensured this is correct and I can't seem to get past it.


Here is a screen shot of the privilege set I have configured. It's called WebAccess and it clearly has the fmphp option enabled.




Here is a screen shot of my accounts tab, which clearly shows I have my WebApp account setup with the WebAccess privilege set.



I've tried numerous times to change the password and nothing I use is working for some reason. For temporary purposes, I set the password to "password" and we can see from this screen shot of the error object getting returned that the username and password are getting sent over as expected.




So, I have no clue why I continue to get this error. Any information on what I'm missing here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!