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    MacOS Server vs MacOS Server




      We've been running FMS11 Advanced with 50+ clients and occational PHP clients on an Xserve running 10.6.8 Server. We're planning an upgrade to 12 and will likely be moving our office to 10.9 Mavericks at around the same time. So, I was wondering: Is there any actual benefit to running it off Server vs a regular OS? If FMS is the only main service being handled by the server (along with the needed web publishing/Apache stuff), I'm trying to determine if there's any point in installing the Mac Server upgrade on the XServe. Granted, it'd be odd I think to just have a client OS on a rack server (never mind that it's Apple's last and, yes, it's in fine shape and we backup often, so we're keeping it for now).


      I can't find anything in the KB or white papers about the advantage of Mac Server if a database server is all it's doing.