Jonathan Jeffery

External container storage issue

Discussion created by Jonathan Jeffery on Nov 13, 2013



I'm runnig FMSA12 on Win2008.


I recently had to migrate a file with external container storage from another server. Before moving it, I made sure that the relative paths of the stoage folder matched on each server.


Now, when I try to access any container fields with external storage, the file thumbnail is shown, but 'Export field contents' is greyed out.


However, I'm sure the relative path is correct in 'Manage external storage', and each individual container field is pointing to that location.


In fact, if I stop the server service and open the database as a local file, all the containers work as expected, and I can export the field contents.


Does anyone have the slightest idea of what's going on? Is it permissions?


I need urgent help, as this is a busy production database!


Many thanks,