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Help needed with export to fixed length txt file

Question asked by bartprins on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2013 by wimdecorte

Hi there,


I'm new to Filemaker and am using FM 12 Pro, i'm making a database which i made a couple of years back in Acces with some Vbacode.

I want to export tables to textfiles with a fixed length, so no comma's or tabs. Is this possible and how can i do this?


The fields in the table are already the right length so for instance the field customerId is 7 characters and the field customerName is 5 characters then the export should be "1234567Prins" without quotation marks of course.


The only exports i can make are comma or tab delimited such as 1234567,Prins or 1234567 Prins


Could you please help me out and thanks for reading !


Bart Prins

The Netherlands