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Problems with one to many relationships

Question asked by raphthepenguin on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by raphthepenguin

Hey there,


I am working on a people Database and once again I am stuck... I am trying to have an extra layout that is showing family members of a person, but also allow me to assign family members (as there is no other place for that in the database).


First - Do relationships ALWAYS have to be shown in a portal? Or is it possible to have a relationship based layout?


I made all the table occurences and fields. Then I tried my way through scripting:

New window

Go to layout...

Now here I found the first problem... after trying different ways of doing my script. I have come so far that a new record (family) is created... The problem is that this is always the case when I click the button for the script. Meaning, even if the person already has a family it is again assigned a new one.

The kf field is not filled and I think it might have to do with that. So it doesnt really have the relationship.

How can i solve that. Before kf always somehow was filled (with the portal?)


Then how can I have a search field where I can look for other people that I can assign to the Family?

And finally How can I have it so if I go on a other family members list, it is the same family without having to assign them again?


I know this are lots of questions I would really appreciate help?