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Ideas for faster startup

Question asked by ninja on Nov 15, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by Mike_Mitchell

Howdy all,


I have a working solution that I'm simply looking for additional ideas for startup speed.

It is a document management Dbase, where a given user may only be allowed to see certain documents.


Document Table..........WhoCanSee Table.............Employee Table

DocumentID----< DocumentID

People with Access ------- Name/AccountName translator



The third table (employee) is needed simply because the access definitions are by full name, whereas the account names are not full name.

I could simplify this by either making access names on the WhoCanSee table by account name, or have login by full name, but neither of those are options for me due to outside restrictions.


On startup, I do a find from the perspective of the Document Table for the account name in the Employee table...two tables away, FMP Server12 on the cloud. It takes exactly 61 seconds (tried 8-10 times, this is very repeatable).


I am looking for ideas that I haven't already tried to shorten the startup process. Once in the found set, things work pretty is just the initial find that takes a while.


I have tried:

- Start with Employee table, GTRR to WhoCanSee, GTRR to Documents...this is also a find (two of them) and takes longer.


- "Show all records" from within a script that does not have full access privileges (no improvement).


- Create a separate join between employee and Document with just the DocumentID and accountname (so I'm only looking one table away)...this takes just as long as what is above.


- Blank layout to start with list of Doc's they can see, then a click takes then to a different layout with the document and the list. But...the list of what they can see only populates if they are on a record they are allowed to see...thus I have to do the find anyway which makes this approach sorta useless.


Anyone have the great idea that I missed? I'm sure I missed a few options...

Thanks for your input.