CWP issues with new server install

Discussion created by tcwaters on Nov 15, 2013
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We have a new FMSA 12 install on Windows servers as a three box config. FMP app access to the server works fine; IWP access works fine; but PHP access is not working as expected. Using the PHP Custom Web Publishing Test, I get this error:


The PHP connection to the FMServer_Sample database failed.

The PHP test was not able to communicate with the Web Publishing Engine. Make sure you have PHP publishing enabled and the database has the fmphp extended privilege enabled. (Error 22; Unknown error)


In the Server Admin Console "Enable PHP publishing" is checked.


In the FMServer_Sample DB, the default settings for this database look as if the fmphp extended privilege enabled.


This is FMSA 12.04.405 running on Windows 2008 Server R2