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    putting fields into  portals


      In FM12, I have trouble making a field or text become part of a portal row.


      I drag the desired portal row contents on to the portal row. Sometimes it attaches -- sometimes not.



      I hope someone can clarify this FRUSTRATING problem for me.



      Jill Wellman

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          Portals can be finnicky for me as well. Make sure all of the field is enclosed by the portal row. If even one part of it falls outside of the portal row, then it will not be a part of it.


          If you are trying to size the field to be identical size as the portal row, try making it smaller first within the portal row and expanding it to the entire size. This works better for me than trying to match them at first.

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            Thank you so much for the prompt reply.  You have the solution, and I'm glad to know others find portals "finicky".

            My portals are again having content.




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              Its intended behavior. Both Portals and Tab panels have this special effect capability.


              Both objects have layers. An object pasted onto one of these objects has the option of ‘floating’ above the Portal or Tab panel. To actually put the object into the Portal or Tab Panel you can move the object with the arrow keys or do something else (like align right) that indicates to FMP that the objects are to be on the same layer instead of separate ones.


              The purpose of this is to allow the developer to overlay objects in front of the Portal or Tab Panel. For example a message field that needs to display on all Tab Panels. The text “Test Order.”, formatted in light grey, might be used to tell the user that the current order isn’t valid.