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applying $$variables to radio buttons

Question asked by synergy46 on Nov 15, 2013
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I am using FM 12 05 Adv in a multi-lingual application.


I have a radio button set up that reflects 'Favorable' or 'Not Favorable' as two choices.


I also have a variable $$FV which reflects 'Favorable' or it's equivalent in Spanish, German or French.

Correspondingly I have $$NF which reflects 'Not Favorable'..... etc.


Currently I insert a Merge Variable $$FV and $$NF on top of the radio button so when the user selects a language, these variables are populated with the correct words. But, this is kind of kludgy. When the user clicks on a choice, the Radio Button reverts back to showing the English labels until they click out.


I tried to get the Radio Button setup to accept $$FV and $$NF but they show as literal choices.


I suppose I could setup two fields: Favorable and assign it the calculated value $$FV and then select the field as the source for the radio button .... but I am trying to NOT change the structure of my app.


Question: "Am I missing something simple that would allow me to get the radio buttons to reflect the $$FV and $$NF???