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    Conditional layouts


      I am working on a FMGo layout. I do not really want to keep jumping layouts. The screen space is valuable. There are a series of conditional value list popups. The thing is not all the fields are needed for each record depending on the first value selction. The fact is some of them need to be different fields entirely. I could jump through tabs, but it would be nice to have the actual fields be conditional on the layout.


      I am guessing this may not be possible at all but I figured I would ask. I have not gotten this to work.


      For example, if you first had a selection of "car" or "truck" and you selected "car" you would get all the popups relating to make, model, and such. If you selcted "truck" fields for payload capacity and towing capacity would be availble to select, but they are not on the layout when "car" is selected.

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          currently you will have to do different layouts - you can only hide fields visually, but if they are in your tab order, users will step into these hidden fields, which is no good.

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            Does that happen with fields outside the layout space? I could work out a global variable that displays the selection made by way of a click into a portal and store the data in a field outside the layout space. Maybe then I could use tabs. I will give it a shot anyway.


            Is there any way to hide the fields based on conditions even if it is hazardous?

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              you can hide fields with an empty text rectangle above them, which is conditionally formatted to have a white background or not.

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                You can also use the hidden portal trick. Define a self-joining relationship, where  the conditions of the join are based on when you want the field in question to appear. Then surround the object(s) with a single-row portal, no line, no scroll. When the condition is true, the object appears because there's a related record. When not, the object disappears because there's not.





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                  Depending on exactly what you are trying to accomplish you could use the a

                  combination of the case and evaluate functions to conditionally set the

                  fields that you would like based on prior selections.


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                    You can make your tabs "invisible" and use triggers to display the correct ones.