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Text Formatting vs. Conditional Formatting

Question asked by deninger on Nov 18, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by TomHays

I am in the process of creating a table that would essentially act as a preferences file for my DB. In the table I have defined fields like


Category (either DRUG or DISEASE) and

Familly (Depends on the category selected above)


That part is quite easy. Where I am interested in input is the other field:


Color (would be defined as either the color in word form or a html sytle #color)


The idea is to allow the user to define the color a given object has when formatted in the user interface. In other words, If the user wants a file related to DIABETES (a CATEGORY of DISEASE and FAMILY of DIABETES) to have the text colored BLUE, they can define it in the preference. (and so on and so forth)


I don't find any good way to link this type of preference to the Contidional Formatting field options. I can hard-code the conditional formatting based on the preference, but then it comes back to development when they want a color change.




Is there a way to apply the formatting to a field outside of the conditional formatting




Is there a way to use a color picker to show the color in a Preferences Layout