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    Setting default layout dimensions to be pt?




      I'm working with a couple of files that may have started either as a FileMaker 12 template or have had a number of items copied into them from a FileMaker 12 template. My prefered layout mode dimension is pt (points). Lately when ever I open the files in question, this initial dimensions are displayed in inches (in). I change it to points.but find that it seems to revert back to inches. This will happen multiple times per session if I find my self opening several windows and working on different layouts.


      Is there a way to set a system default for this? The is on a Mac running OS 10.8.5 and FileMaker pr advanced 12.0 v4



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          I will assume that these files are hosted on FM server. Files will retain this setting from when they were last closed while not hosted. It also retains other things that are under the "Show" menu such as sample data, tool tips, etc. It also retains the last layout, the position and size of the window.





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            Yes, Doug... but I think this might also be one of those things which is determined by "System Formats" when a file is cloned and must be changed before any data is input.

            (I might be wrong there...)


            It may also be a feature of the theme you are using...

            You would think that as designing for iOS needs to be at the pt level, that FMI might have made that the default, though.


            - Lyndsay

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              Doug, Lyndsay,


              What you say makes sense.  I'll try opening the file locally and/or making a new clone and setting it then put it back on the server.  I prefer to work in pt and it gets to be tedius having to change the setting so often.


              I knew about it saving last layout and some of the other  things.  Never thought about pt as one of the items that would be saved.


              Thanks very much for the help