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Question asked by thefrog on Nov 18, 2013
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I am new to Filemaker .


Want to create a database that looks like the following .
The database consists of two tables. Welcome and flowers. (see attached file)

Flowers consist of two layouts. A New and a View.

In the New you can add new flowers and in the View you can only watch inscribed information.


The first window that the user comes to is a welcome window .There you can search using the ID or number of the flower you want to watch.

This with the help of two boxes (see option 1) or one box (see Option 2). When you have entered an ID or number, the user arrives at the table flowers, with layout named View.


Pressing the New button opens a new window with the table flowers, layout New .


I have tried various ways to get the search function to work, without positive results.


Can this be done?

If it can be done, can someone explain to me how to do it and remember that I am a beginner .



Sorry for the English is not my native language . It's Swedish .