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    Referencing data from table view


      I have a table, converted from Excel, with many columns (Fields) and rows (Values in the fields). The first column (Field) is temperature and I need to extract data from three other columns based on a particular temperature, selected by the user. I intend to create a second Table, in which the user will define the temperature and other three columns to be used in processing the data.


      Initial guidance will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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          It just sounds like a calculation engine formula with IF statements based on what the user has selected elsewhere in other tables or variables (e.g., via a script).  The formulas will be similar to what you would do in Excel.  Could you post the spreadsheet and describe what needs done? 

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            Here is the table.  I reckon that I can eventually work-out the formulae but not sure how to relate the two tables.



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              I have made a small amount of progress and can display all records related to an input temperature but I need to filter them further to show only records containing a particular value in the field name.

              i.e. each field name begins with a value from -500 to +500 in 100 increments.


              I have trawled the web and help documents to no avail.  It seems that it is relatively esasy to filter data but not the fields themselves.????

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                With relationships, you can have many instances between the same tables. You may have one table with the values entered by the user which relates to the data table in different ways... all at the same time. You can also have several self-relationships with the same data table.


                The data you have in your document looks very much like an excel spreadsheet and not much like a FM table. Following the two blank rows you have two rows which seem to me like they should be in global fields.

                Not knowing what the field headings are about I really can't say for sure but it seems to me that they should actually be data in a table with only 3 columns... so I will have to trust that there is a rhyme or reason to this cross-tab table.


                Can you explain a bit more about what the data / headings mean and what the user will achieve in it's use...


                - Lyndsay

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                  Thank you for your reply.  Yes, it is a converted Excel spreadsheet and the top few rows can be ignored and will, eventually be deleted.


                  The left-hand column is outside air temperature  and all of the others are Torque, Temperature and Speed of a gas turbine at various pressure altitudes from -500 feet to +500 feet.


                  For a given user input of temperature and pressure altitude, three values of Tq, T5 and N1 should be returned, after which a simple calculation will be performed on the figures.


                  I have created a second table with a temperature input field related to temperature in the first table and that will return the required row but I am struggling to get any further.

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                    Your comments have made me realise that I have the original data in the wrong format.......being lazy!!!


                    All is now clear.


                    Thank you so much.