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Is there a way to make Privilege "Subsets"?

Question asked by ninja on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2015 by jormond

Howdy to all,


Before making an improvement suggestion to FMI, I figured I'd check to see if I'm just missing something.


In a given solution, there may be many tasks that can be done.

For an Inventory Management solution for example, there may be:

- Raw Material Storage

- Raw Material Dispensing

- Work in process tracking

- Finished Goods Storage and dispensing (removal for shipping)

- Cost of inventoy tracking and accounting

- Purchase and receipt of raw materials

- etc., etc.


In a company of large enough size, each of these tasks may be discrete operations by individuals or departments, each of which have their own privilege set that covers their tasks.

But then comes cross training:

- Raw Mat storage employee is cross trained to purchasing for restocking

- Finished goods operator cross-trained to Dispensing

- endless combos...


One way to handle it is to have different account names for the same employee for the different tasks. This gets onerous.

Another would be to make privilege "subsets" that could be assigned to an account rather than to dig into permission settings for multiple tables and layouts and scripts every time someone gets cross trained.


So: Is there a way to assign what would essentially be multiple privilege sets to a single account?

I don't think the question really is whether anyone has found an efficient way to handle the endlessly changing privilege set needs when employees are cross-trained?