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    Web viewer and ssl server certificate


      Hi everyone!


      trying to post data in a fmgo web viewer to a mssql queried by php on IIS server ... works great but ...


      <i need to sent this data encrypted on port 443 https>


      this must be done via webviewer because i need to scap some xml code back from the server... so the question is:


      Is there any way to get working a non supported free ssl certificate like Cacert.org?


      or i'll definitely need to buy one from GoDaddy, Verisign, Comodo, Thawte .. ecc .. as i can reed here?






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          Hi Stefano, have you considered using Insert From URL instead of a webviewer? No reason that shouldn't work to pull an XML result back into a text field.


          As for SSL certificates go, general IT practice is to go with a trusted SSL certificate signer, like the ones you listed. I don't think there's any software limitation from using an open source certificate, but I would personally trust signed certificates from a known provider more.

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            HI Mike, thank you very much for your prompt answare!


            unfortunately with insert from URL method FileMaker cannot perform a certificate check to verify that the server i'm trying to reach is the server that replies... In addition, with html post method i have to push lot of data to mssql server then wait for sql transaction response and finally grab data back from web viewer


            FM pro advance works great ... but when i'll try to do same, fmgo tell me there is a problem with my certificate...


            As you suggested me tomorrow i'll purchase a new certificate from a known provider


            i'll keep you updated



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              Hi Mike!

              you were right, got certificate from known provider and now everything is going fine.