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    Disappearing text


      Please can anyone help with text that disappears when I exit the layout. I have typed the text in gloabl text fields in Filemaker 12 Fileserver.

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          gerry - check your found set? it should work even with found set zero but if i remember correctly there is an issue ..



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            Global fields on server-hosted files do not retain values once the file is closed. Think of globals as session variables. They are unique for each user and expire upon closing the session. There are several threads on this forum discussing globals. If you need these values to be retained, set them upon startup (scripted), put them into a 'configuration/preference' table (this may be one record or one record per user). If you need the globals because of their ability to be seen by any other table, then set them from the config/pref in the scripts that need them.



            With ExecuteSQL, I've gotten away from many of these global fields, as the eSQL function can use CONSTANTS in the queries. No need for globals or stored calculations to use in relationships!


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