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Demo file: Image downsizing during data entry

Discussion created by Stephen Huston on Nov 20, 2013
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Attached is a file which demonstrates how to use Container Functions introduced in FMP12's calculation engine to automatically downsize images at the time they inserted into a record. This is a common need to reduce file bloating from image storage.


It demonstrates Script Triggers, Named Layout Objects, and Container Functions, along with several scripts. The demo file can also be used to save the downsized images back out to the desktop for use in other software, including websites and presentations.


The file includes a 4-page PDF detailing the setup of the simple interface, the calculations, and the trigger script. The PDF can be accessed via the "About this file" button on the main screen. The file also contains a sample image which can be Exported via a button, then reinserted to test the downsizing at various resolutions.


I hope this will encourage any developers who have not yet worked with the FMP12 Container Functions. The file is fully unlocked and can be used freely.



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