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Filemaker Advanced Server 11 in VM

Question asked by user14135 on Nov 20, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by aeonSydney

We have an JDBC application in a Filemaker 11 Advanced Server virtual machine (VM) and this interacts with more 1000 online users and synchronising data with PostGress DB at the same time.

This application was moved from Physical machine to VM and showing highly degrading of performance. Data Synchronisation crashes.


Question: 1. Can Filemaker 11 Server Advanced handle more than 1000 users, any reasonable limits?

2. Any comments having a Filemaker Server in a VM?

3. Changing the application from JDBC ?

4. Any concurrent applications?

5. Filemaker 5.5 had RAIC system, is it now integrated to Servers or any other way have load balancing.


Any comments on this appreciated.


Many thanks.