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    turn off tabbing between fields?


      In IWP I get strange results in tab order that are only going to confuse people, so I thought I'd just turn tabbing between fields off altogether and let them use the mouse. Seems I can't turn it off. Is there a way?




      Tab order errors are like if I tab from a data field to a btn and Enter it has often gone to the wrong btn and therefore gives the wrong result. Btns don't seem to be highlighted in IWP so hard to tell you're on the wrong button.


      Have tried clearing all tab order.

      Have tried selecting all objects in layout and unchecking "go to next object using tab/return/enter.


      Still when in a field and press tab it goes to next field, and tab again and it has gone to some btn but not necessarily the expected one.



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          You are right - i just tested it and clearing the tab order seems to be random tab order (im sure there is some rhyme and reason to it, but i dont see it - maybe creation order, but some do not tab at all)


          I was not able to get around this myself. I see clearing the tab order works in FM but not for the web via IWP. Maybe this is something IWP can not control over the web alone. M

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            I guess this is under browser control but I don't even see the logic in its sequence. I have 2 fields stacked, a btn centered under them, another btn further down. Tabbing from field 2 jumps to the btn further down. That btn was further left. I though maybe tabbing was going L to R so I moved that brn R of everything else. Still the same result. So the pattern, type data, tab, type data, tab, press Enter is going to give confusing results.

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              Hello njem,


              My guess would be that the tab order that the browser is using is somewhat based on the order of the page elements as they appear in the HTML source of the page.



              As far as I have observed, the order of how the page elements appear in the source of an IWP page is based on the following:


                - Elements in the header part appear before elements in any other part part


                - Elements in the body part appear before elements in the footer page part


                - Within a given part, elements appear in the page source in an order based on when they were added to the FM layout; elements that were first added to your layout will appear earlier in the page source (before elements added later).




              I have not tested the theory about the browser part of the above described interaction, so half of what I am saying here is just speculation.  Observations about the order that the FM elements appear in the page HTML should be fairly sound -- I have looked at IWP HTML output a fair amount, and consistently I have seen this pattern.


              I don't think this information helps you much, but it at least might shed some light on the seemingly random tab order that you are seeing.


              Kind regards,



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                That does help. I could try deleting and recreating a btn I want to go to last. That might save a little confusion. Hopefully since tabbing doesn't give any visual cue that it goes to btns users will just use the mouse anyway.

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                  Hi njem,


                  In IWP, I always thought it was the stacking order of the objects that determined the tab order.


                  So an object 'Sent to Back' would be the first object tabbed into and another object 'Moved to Front' would be the last item in the tab order, with all the other objects in between.  So using move forward or backward on individual objects, should let you control the tab order.


                  Best wishes - Alan Stirling - London, UK.

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                    Yep, that does affect order. I tried just copy/paste the btn and then delete the original but that didn't do anything. So I make a new btn from scratch and deleted the original. That moved it to the end of the tab order. Whoda thought?

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                      Hi Alan,


                      I wanted to thank you for mentioning the idea of the stacking order influencing the tab order.  This is a possibility that I had overlooked in my own inquiry into this.


                      Thanks and best regards,