ESS best practices for updating the SQL source

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We are implementing an ESS with a MySQL database (one that is, thankfully, under our control, not off in some distant department).

(We are on FMS 12, Windows server, FYI.)


We have noticed that schema changes on the SQL side don't "take" right away in FMP . . .and we are wondering, what is the best practice for this? Should you shut down FMS while making the changes? Just make sure no one's logged into FMP on the FMS?


For example, if we want to change the name of a field in the SQL Source, and that field is used in an import in FMP . . . we note that when we change the name, the field greys out in the import spec, and the "new" field [name] does not appear as an importable field.


There is probably a whitepaper/tech brief about this issue, thanks for any pointers.



Christopher Bailey


Boston, MA