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    omniORB: sslContext.cc : error:02001002


      Who can help me with this issue. Reinstalling Server 12 when try to make deployment appears a problem that can't start admin window and said that I need to restart. Trying with cli, the terminal shows the follow message



      fmsadmin: really restart adminserver? (y, n) y

      omniORB: sslContext.cc : error:02001002:system library:fopen:No such file or directory

      omniORB: ERROR -- the application attempted to invoke an operation on a nil pseudo-object reference.

      omniORB: ERROR -- the application attempted to invoke an operation on a nil pseudo-object reference.


      So , I cant reinstall the server, Who can help?

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          From the description I’d say its not a valid install. Something prevented a complete install of the required components. You will have to uninstall and reinstall. I’d suggest using an admin account. And make sure any virus protection is turned off during the install.

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            Thanks for your answer. Unfortunally, uninstall and reinstall more Than  5 times and nothing...

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              I don't know if this is related or just a coincidence, but there appears to be missing resources and info.plist with omniORB framework:



              I’ve done some digging and found that that the code sign function does not like the following frameworks.

              * OmniORB4.framework

              * OpenSSL.framework


              Both of these frameworks are actually missing their “Resources” folder and Info.plist file! My first suggestion would be to contact the supplier of these frameworks (or Filemaker if they came with Filemaker) and see if there are newer versions.


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                Putting on my troubleshooting cap.


                The terminal says the file isn’t there. This is the only thing so far that we think we know about this installation.

                Double-check of installation. Review the installer log file. It should show where all files have been installed. If there is a problem it should show.


                So why wouldn’t it be there?

                Possibly the Installer is not working correctly.


                Possible reasons:

                1. Installer file is incomplete.

                A. Download a new copy of the installer.


                2. Folder Permissions don’t allow installer to put file in place.

                A. Change to an Administrator account that has full access to the entire computer.


                3. Virus protection is preventing file from being put in place.

                A. Turn off virus protection.


                4. The version of FMP being installed is not compatible with the OS.

                A. Check FMI Knowledge base for version compatibility. Get most recent version that is compatible.


                Note that 2 and 3 could both exist at the same time.


                This is not a comprehensive list. Only what I could think of with the information we have so far.