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Barcode Webserver Service for FM developers

Discussion created by John Funk on Nov 21, 2013

I have been thinking of offering this FREE service to the FileMaker community for a while now. This seems like a good time since I am seeing alot of Barcode questions on the forums.


I created a web server that you pass parameters to and it will create a barcode image, to insert into a container field or web page. It does not store any information on the server (except access logs). It is great for iOS solutions, no plugins or fonts.

All I ask is that you send an offlist email to with BARCODESERVER in the subject to request the server URL and format instructions. This way I can contact everybody that has requested access for update information if needed. No information will be shared.


This is a sample of the URL to use.

You can pass different parameters for different code types, sizes and orientation.

I am offering this system for development and testing purposes, if you find it useful and want to put it in production, I suggest you create your own barcode web server for your solution.

If there is demand for a production server, a production environment and pricing structure is possible.


This is the web page of the php code I used, incase you want to build your own barcode server.


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