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How to summarize information from a 1-to-m relationship automatically?

Question asked by liyangao on Nov 21, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2013 by sicoa

I am working on a database with a table for patients and a related table for patient visits at clinic, where the relationship is 1-m. On the patient visit table, I have three variables to record whether certain iamge was taken at the visit as Yes/No. I call the three variables as Img1, Img2, and Img3. A patient might get all the three images done at one visit or multiple visits.


My question is how to find those patients who havenot taken all the three images across multiple visits from the database? I tried a portal of the visits on the patient layout but I can not do a direct search to find those who havenot taken all the three images across their visits. It seems that I need some aggregate function to summarize the data but I did not find an appropriate function to use.


Your input and suggestions on answering the question is highly appreciated.

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