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How can I display only dupes of one field from the found set of a sub-summary report?

Question asked by savingprivatedata on Nov 22, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2013 by DavidJondreau

I think my wording here, has misrepresented what I'm trying to do. I'd like to apologize to everyone who used their brain power to help me.
I've posted an updated version of what I'm trying to do, by re-wording it.
Yes, the new post looks like I'm trying to get different results than this post, but it's just a case of me, not knowing how to put what I'm trying to accomplish, into words.
Thanks for all of your help and your patience.




Is there a way to use the results of a sub-summary report, as a source of data for another sub-summary report?

In the example below, I created a sub-summary report to collapse each instance of Location > Equipment_SerialNumber so it only displays one instance of that combination. So, if there were 5 tests, my sub-summary report only shows one instance of Location > Equipment_SerialNumber, instead of all five.


I need to find all of the results where an Equipment_SerialNumber shows up more than once.

I need to find all of the results where an Equipment_SerialNumber shows up more than once from THESE RESULTS, not the underlying table, where it will show FIVE results for each test.


Please look at ALL of the examples in RED before making suggestions.

I have a report that shows every test number for every Equipment Serial Number, at every Location.

I'm using sub-summaries to display one instance of Location / Store. I need to find dupes of the Equipment_Serials field FROM THE RESULTS of the sub-summary report, NOT the full set of everything from the underlying table.

#1 BEFORE sub-summary sort;

Location A > Equipment_SerialNumber1 / Aug2013 / Test15

Location A > Equipment_SerialNumber1 / Aug2013 / Test16

Location A > Equipment_SerialNumber1 / Aug2013 / Test 17

Location B > Equipment_SerialNumber2 / Aug2013 / Test20

Location B > Equipment_SerialNumber2 / Aug2013 / Test21

Location B > Equipment_SerialNumber3 / Sep2013 / Test26

Location C > Equipment_SerialNumber1 / Oct2013 / Test30


#2 Will show up as;

Location A / Equipment_SerialNumber1 / Aug2013

Location B / Equipment_SerialNumber2 / Aug2013

Location B / Equipment_SerialNumber3 / Sep2013

Location C / Equipment_SerialNumber1 / Oct2013


#3 I want to be able to show ONLY THE DUPES of equipment on the report;

Location A / Equipment_SerialNumber1/ Aug2013

Location C / Equipment_SerialNumber1 / Oct2013


BECAUSE of the sub-summaries however, I can only get EVERYTHING to show up, like #2.
I'd LIKE to have it display as #3, though.

Any suggestions?