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    Arial 14 - what causes this?


      I open a CSV file using FileMaker Pro and I get my data in a list view with default settings for the font selection and size.


      As you can see in the screen shot, the field labels are not displayed correctly. When I select them in layout mode, I see that they are Arial 14. I make a duplicate set of field labels above the ones FileMaker gave me and change the size to 13 (actually, anything but 14) and it's OK.



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          I assume the csv file originates on a different machine, or at least in different software. It's possible that the font metrics as sent in the csv file don't match what you have on your machine, or maybe your Arial 14pt font is corrupt.


          I suggest some experimentation to see if you can isolate the issue. It would be interesting to try and create a csv file on your won machine deliberately using Arial 14pt and see how that opens up in FM. Ditto using a different font or variant.

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            a csv file is not RTF, so it doesn´t contain any formatting and FileMaker does not import any formatting, because there is none.


            I would guess, that on the target machine the Arial installation is broken.

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              Also, to answer what Keywords asked, the CSV file was made with text edited in BBedit on my own machine then opened in Excel to verify the columnar integrity, then saved as CSV.


              However, I found that when I quit and restarted FileMaker, this problem went away but on another layout, all the field that were previously visible in whatever default font was given to me in the theme had changed to HelveticaNeue Thin.


              Let's call this solved, at least for now.

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                I hate it when issues just "fix themselves" with no explanation. Probably no way to tell now, but the first thing I would have asked is if you created or opened a different, unrelated file on the same computer, and added some Arial 14 pt type, does the problem show up then? Sounds more like a font issue than a file issue. As intex said, there should be nothing about a .csv file that would control the font. The .csv should be just raw data with no formatting.




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                  Extensis released their update to Suitcase Fusion.  I then checked all my fonts for "corruption" and found none.  Then, all the fonts from the User/Library/Fonts folder were moved out.  While all that was happening, FileMaker was running.


                  I admit I have never understood what FileMaker means about "font locking" in the preferences.  I do understand that when it launches, it takes note of the fonts that are currenty available in one's system.  I wish it were possible to make sure that FileMaker databases had built into them a few (really, a dozen would be adequate) fonts that you could reliably know were always running in any edition of FileMaker so that you could avoid the problems experienced when someone doesn't have that font on their computer.


                  For that reason, I try to stick to Tahoma which seems to be the only one that is identical on Windows and Mac.  Maybe there are others I have not yet found.  I can also rely on Arial and Helvetica and Times Roman to be in almost everybody's computer.  I used to rely on the fonts installed by Microsoft Office but these days that can be tricky.  And I have no idea what the FileMaker "themes" are doing with fonts in terms of cross-platform behavior but the next time they come town on a road trip I will ask.

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                    normally you can assume that all the Web safe fonts are installed.


                    But even if you have the same font on Mac and Windows, you will see differences. For example we use Verdana for our interfaces, but Verdana for Windows always is a bit larger and needs more width than on Mac OS X. So you have to test your interface on both systems.


                    Furthermore you never know what people do with their systems for "optimizing" purposes. We quite often have customers who have de-installed or de-activated Verdana, although it´s a web standard font.


                    It would be great, if FileMaker itself - or even better - every Filemaker file could include a font in a container field and install this automatically like it is possible with the plugins since FM12.


                    The themes don´t include the font file, they only use a specific font, but rely on that font being installed.