Trouble with different PDF file sizes on different machines when using save as PDF

Discussion created by tesg on Nov 24, 2013
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Hi Guys,


I am having trouble with PDF file sizes when saving on different machines. I am currently using a MacBook running FileMaker Advanced Pro 12.01. When I save to PDF from FileMaker, the file comes out quite small, around 500kb-600kb which is perfect!!


The problem I am having is that most of the other machines in my business are saving exactly the same file to PDF, but the file does not eem to be compressing and the file size is coming out at approx 8.5Mb or something similar. This is not a good thing as the files get uploaded to a web service with a file size limit of 5mb.


The systems being used vary. There are multiple PC's running FM Pro 12.03 and another MacBook running FM Advanced Pro 12.05 all of which seem to be having the issue of saving the file without compression.


My MacBook has Adobe Acrobat X Pro installed which I though may have been the reason it was saving smaller PDF Documents so I installed Acrobat X Pro on the second MacBook with no reportable difference in file size.


Has anyone come across this issue before? I am at a loss to explain why this would be happening, and the only inconsistencies that I have not rectified with all systems is the FileMaker version installed!!


Please help!