Problems with External SQL Sources..??

Discussion created by angelleye on Nov 23, 2013
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We used to be on Windows Server 2003 with FMS11. I have a MySQL database on our web server that we hooked up via ESS in FileMaker and everything was working great. The server was upgraded to Windows Server 2008 and FMS12, but for some reason I'm not having any luck with ESS.


On the Windows Server, I've installed the MySQL ODBC Connector and I've successfully created a DSN.




Then when I'm on FMP connected remotely to the database on FMS and I go to File -> External Data Sources, and then I click on the existing MySQL datasource I can confirm that FM is indeed seeing the MySQL datasource.




Then here, while I've blurred this out for public posting, I can confirm that the un/pw included here in FM match what I used to setup the DSN in Windows. It's also the same thing I'm using in all of my web scripts, of course.




At this point everything looks great. So then I go into File -> Manage -> Database, switch to the tables, and I can see the MySQL tables showing up there, but it's not seeing the number of records or anything.



At this point if I click to open the table so that I can use the Sync button, I get the lovely coffee cup and "Not Responding" for about 5 min on FMP until finally the window does open so that I can see all of the fields, but it's not seeing any of the data types.




If I click the Sync button I get this.



The blurred out part there is just username@ipaddress, and again, I've confirmed the credentials I'm using in the FM ESS setup are the same as I'm using in the DSN on Windows as well as in my web scripts.


I'm not sure how to proceed at this point, and I would appreciate information I can get on how to resolve this matter. Thanks!