Installation of FM Server 12 on IIS Uninstalls ASP and ASP.NET

Discussion created by sechrisman on Nov 25, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2013 by taylorsharpe

This summer I installed a trial version of FM Server 12. After installation my classic asp pages and pages stopped working. After a bit of poking around I noticed asp and were uninstalled. Weird, but easy enough to fix. So I added those roles back into IIS7.5. We are not going to use FM Server for a while, so today I uninstalled FM Server 12. After that and a reboot, the same thing happened when I installed it: ASP and ASP.NET components in IIS were removed. Thought I would ask if anyone else had this issue? I'm running windows server 2008 R2, 64 bit OS. Seems a bit extreme that this would happen. Is this a bug or some "feature" of FM Server?