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    Help with script sequence


      Hi all


      I'm running FMS 12 Advanced on a Mac mini server. I'd like to create a script sequence that will do this:


      1. Do a regular backup of all databases


      2. Then, on completion, automatically run a shell script that calls rsync to copy the backed-up databases to a mounted Raid.


      I've already written the shell script and I can call it using a script schedule. It does its job just fine.


      Does anyone know how I can automate the two processes?


      Many thanks



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          Unlike if you are scheduling scripts, you cannot sequence a schedule script to follow a backup schedule.  But you can time your backups and if they take say 15 minutes to run, then schedule the rsync script to run say 15-30 minutes later so you know it is not stepping on the toes of the backup script. 


          Personally I would just have the backups folder on the external RAID.  Saving backups to a separate drive than the one with the live FM folder is always better for performance.  Ideally I would have the OS on one drive, the data on a fast RAID, and the backups on a slower very redundant RAID. 


          And then there are offsite backsups in the Cloud like with SafetyNet from 360Works to backup to the Amazon S3 Cloud and I hear they have a new version coming out soon that will do a lot more. 

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            Hi Taylor. I wanted to avoid running rsync at a predetermined time after the backups. It's possible the FM backup could take longer than I've allowed. Plus the back-ups should be copied to the Raid mounted on a different server.



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              Backups can only be done to serially attached drives.  So a network volume will not work.  You could run a schedule script that checks if all the backups have been created and have it run every say 15 minutes.  When it confirms a backup folder has been created and all the files that are being backed up are there, then it could execuse rsync. 


              Personally I run the live data file on an external RAID for speed or an internal SSD.  Backups I do on slow externally attached USB drives since speed does not matter much for backups.  And then I have a weekly backup to the Cloud with SafetyNet.  Those are the tools that are readily available to FileMaker server without having to get into OS scripting. 


              By the way, FMS on a new Mac Mini with SSDs is incredibly fast.  And I have been using Thunderbolt Pegasus RAID drives for data and that is really fast plus redundant. 


              I can' t wait to speed test FMS13 with a New Mac Pro hopefully in December if both of those products will become available then.