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    Button set up


      Hey Guys,

      I am trying to set a button up in filemaker pro 12 that would allow me to jump from a record, to a printable image of the spec for the record, so I can easily print out a pdf or jpeg drawing of the part to submit for production. Thanks a lot.


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          Hi Robby,


          Create a new layout based on the same table as the main record.


          On the main record's original layout, create a button on the layout and after naming it doubleclick on it using your arrow tool. It should open up the button options where you can scroll down to gotoLayout() and choose the layout of the image. That gets you there so you just need a button to get back. That button can be set not to print.


          The image field and body part you just make as big as the page and make it "reduce or enlarge" and "maintain proportions" in the data options on the Inspector.




          - Lyndsay

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            Hey Lyndsay,

            Thanks a million.  I'll give that a whirl and see what happens.

            Thx again