Tab Stops in FM12 not working

Discussion created by brader25 on Nov 26, 2013
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Hello -


Thanks for any help you can provide in advance. I'm having a peculiar issue in FM12 with the tab stops. First of all, I've done the same thing that I'm about to explain in FM11 and it worked just fine. In FileMaker on a field on a layout, I'm assigning tab stops, six to be exact, starting at .25" and incrementing .05" on each. In a script, I set that field to some data, two tabs (CTRL + Tab) and more data. When I take a look at the result, the tab stops I assigned do not seem to show; it just appears that it uses the filemaker default (0.5"). I've tried all different sorts of lengths with the tab stops and no matter what I put, the tab always appears to be .5".


Has anyone seen this before? Do you know of any fixes or work arounds?